You are Australian passport holder and want to travel to Vietnam for the purpose of visiting famous destinations or doing business because Vietnam is an ideal and potential environment for you to invest in. You now need to get a Vietnam visa. Fortunately, no matter where you are, it is no longer difficult to get a Vietnam visa. You should first understand all the requirements so as to do visa application procedure in the quickest and most comfortable way.

How to Apply for Vietnam Visa

There are 2 ways to apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Australian citizens. They are detailed as following:

Online: This is known as the easiest and fastest way for Vietnam Visa for Australian passport. You can apply for Vietnam visa at our website.You need 3 steps:

  • Vietnam visa approval Letter. This is the first dispatch from the travel company submitted to the Immigration Department called visa pre-approval letter.
  • You need to prepare for your first Vietnam visa application with your photo size 3×4 cm on that. You can download Vietnam visa form here and fill in the details on that.
  • You print Vietnam visa approval Letter along with Vietnam visa application, pay fee as visa stamp and receive Vietnam visa at the airport.

So you can see that so as to get Vietnam visa, you need to pay 2 kinds of visa fees:

  • Service fee: This is the fee you need to pay for a visa pre-approval letter, you will receive this letter by email after applying for Vietnam visa online at our website.

This fee is regulated by Vietnam travel company itself. And we are the company with the cheapest Vietnam visa cost for you. You only have to pay 12 USD instead of 16-21 USD at other companies.





  • Stamping fee: These are fees you pay to Immigration officials in cash (in USD or VND) at the three international Vietnam airports including Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City), Noi Bai (Hanoi) and Danang airport. These fees are prescribed by Vietnam Government and applies to all international visitors who want to get Vietnam visa at the airport.

Embassy: If you are not convenient with an online application, you can visit your nearest Vietnam Embassy in business hours and apply for your visa. You will have to fill in one form your personal information and wait for the approval of Vietnam Embassy in your country. Based on purpose, as well as the time limit you stay in Vietnam, you choose Vietnam visa or Vietnam business/toursit visa, single entry/multiple entry type. However, kindly consider these following points:

  • You have to provide full passport or anything that embassy requests.
  • Each embassy or consulate will charge differently for Vietnam visa under the regulations of that Embassy.
  • As usual, it will take you at least 1 week to get Vietnam visa.

Contact Details: Embassy of Vietnam in Canberra, Australia.

  • Fax:
  • Phone:

Vietnam Visa is divided into 2 types based on the number of times you enter or exit Vietnam: single entry or multiple entry visa.

What is Vietnam visa single entry?

During your visa is in effect, you are only allowed to enter Vietnam one time, if you leave Vietnam, the visa will expire immediately even if your visa is still valid. This kind is suitable for tourism purpose.

What is Vietnam visa multiple entry?

With this visa you can leave and enter Vietnam in an unlimited number of times, your visa will expire after the date on the granted visa. This kind is highly recommended to any Australian who want to invest into Vietnam (into Economy or Education fields) for a period of time.

Take notice that Australian citizens must enter Vietnam by air, other modes of transport do not permit VietnamVisa on Arrival for Australian citizens. If you want to learn how to apply and what are the requirements, then please read the following guide carefully.

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Australians.

The Vietnam Immigration law explicitly states Vietnamese Visa requirements. All Australian Passport holders wishing to visit our beautiful country for tourism or business are obliged for following conditions:

Passport Requirements: You need to present original, signed passport which is valid within 6 months from the date of entering Vietnam, with at least one blank page available for Vietnamese visa passport stamp. Amended pages in the back of the passport are not accepted for Vietnam visa.

The Immigration Policy allows Australian to apply for Vietnamese Visa online through authorized agents. The applicants will receive a pre-approval letter with  which at a Vietnamese airport, the immigration officer will stamp on visa to approve Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Australian. After getting the Vietnam Visa for Australian passport, the applicant is required to pay approval fee before receiving letter issuance. The fee depends on the type of visa requested.  Immigration Department of Vietnam sets the requirement of Vietnam Visa for Australian citizens. Apart from applying online for visa, the appellant can also visit nearby Embassy of Vietnam. The requirements set here can be even strict, and it can cost you more.  In addition, the Embassy will also demand a guarantee of the Vietnamese sponsor or a pre-approved visa. Vietnam Immigration Department must issue this pre-approved visa before stamping the visa.

Photo Requirements: Two recent and identical photos, size 2 x 2, of  the same type in passport, and photos in color, in front view and with a plain or light background. One colored photo size 4×6 should be attached to your application. Remember, you can only use your visa on arrival at Noi Bai, Da Nang, and Tan Son Nhat international airport.


Why you should apply Vietnam visa online?

  • Low cost, simple and reliable service:
  • Low service fee, no hidden charge.
  • No embassy, consulate chase down.
  • No consulate and return mail fee.
  • No passport send-off and No mail lost.
  • Quick, safe and hassle-free
  • Get visa in maximum 2 working-days.
  • No document require and effective.
  • 100% online procedure.